US-M2416W “iWheel” Wheel Weigher Wireless


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USA Measurements offers our US-M2416W “iWheel” wireless wheel pad scales for weighing cars, trucks, pick-ups, RVs, tractor trailers, oil tanks, dumper trucks and many other types of vehicles. Our scales come rated at a 25,000 lb capacity per pad. Allowing the user to weigh up to 50,000 lb per axle with two pads or 150,000 lb with six pads. The scales come equipped with our stainless steel indicator, no cables since it’s wireless, steel carrying case, and receipt printer. WATCH OUR VIDEO BELOW. 

The Wireless US-M2416W series portable truck scale comes with carrying case and caster wheels to easily transport the scales. This two pad, four pad, or six pad system features a 24” x 16” platform and 25,000 lb capacity per pad. Avoid all DOT fines and police tickets for overweight. They scales are designed to be carried in a pick-up truck, 18 wheeler, cars, or any other vehicle. The LCD digital indicator comes standard with a built in receipt ticket printer for weight reference. The print out tickets print the weight, date, and time. The digital display operates off rechargeable battery and includes AC adapter. Each scale is factory calibrated arrives plug and weigh. No calibration required.


  • 24″x16″ Platform Size
  • 2.2″ Overall Height
  • Built in Ramped Ends
  • Built in Receipt Printer
  • 200% Overload Protection
  • Each Pad weighs 55 lb
  • Low Profile Design
  • Built in Carrying Handles
  • Includes Case for Pads
  • Battery Life up to 80 Hours
  • Wireless US-M7 Digital Indicator
  • Wireless Pads with Transmitter
  • 5 Year Warranty steel frame
  • 2 Year warranty on electronics
  • Non-NTEP (Not legal for trade)



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