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Prime USA Scales offers our Airweigh truck scale. Manufactured in Riverside California. Our USA made scale is constructed with 3/8″ diamond plated steel and 1, 2, or 3 three sections for easy installation (depending on size). Scale includes capacity options from 100,000 lb to 200,000 lb capacity. The Airweigh package includes TM-U295 printer, RM-3 Scoreboard, and truck scale indicator. This system is great for all types of businesses: Recycling, Scrap, Masonry, Truck Weighing in/out, Shipping, Avoiding DOT fines, and much more. The Airweigh truck scale utilizes 20% more steel than all of our competitors truck scales. The thicker steel protects against impacts, vibrations, and heavy day to day operations. Each scale is designed with a 200% overload protection for holding it’s calibration for a long period of time.

Included is a 10 year warranty on the steel deck and 5 year warranty on the digital electronics. Our Airweigh RS Series truck scales are designed to accommodate a minimum of 250 trucks per day with a DTA (dual tandem axle) load of 45,000 pounds for 25 years without weighbridge fatigue.  This is equivalent to over 2 million weighments.  In addition, the patented load cell suspension design will ensure reliable, legal-for-trade accuracy that you can depend on for years to come.  Unlike most “economy class” models RS series truck scales don’t sacrifice quality for price. The RS steel deck modules boast wide flange I-beam construction.  The steel deck design features wide flange beams on centers running longitudinally with the traffic flow beneath a diamond plate deck.  An industry-leading capacity means you’ll have consistent, accurate weighments, even under the toughest conditions.

Truck Scale Features:

  • Integral I Beam Design
  • 3/8” Thick Diamond Plated Steel Deck
  • All Stainless Steel 75K Load Cells Standard
  • Highly Portable and Easy Assembly
  • 11’ Ft Width for Weighing a variety of Vehicles
  • Low Profile Design with 9” Overall Height
  • 5 Year Manufacture Warranty on Electronics
  • 10 Year Manufacture Warranty on Steel Frame
  • 150 In/Out Truck Scale Indicator
  • TM-U295 Receipt Ticket Printer
  • RM-3 Scoreboard Display 3” Digits
  • NTEP Approved (Legal for trade) 

Indicator Specifications:

AirWeigh’s AW1680 well-rounded digital indicator is available in both ABS and stainless steel enclosures. This general purpose 10,000 division indicator delivers more features, programmability, and comes standard with keyboard tare entry. AW1680 offers a bright LED display for easy readout in darker areas and comes standard with a full duplex RS-232 port can transmit data on demand or continuously to match the input requirements of a wide variety of peripheral devices including printers, remote displays and computers.

Indicator Features: 

  • NTEP and Canadian Approved for 10,000 Divisions
  • Displays up to 50,000 Graduations
  • Drives up to eight 350 Load Cells
  • Internal Power Supply
  • Full Duplex RS-232 Serial Port
  • Simplex RS-232/ 20mA Current Loop Serial Port
  • Keyboard Tare Entry Tare and APW Stored in Non-Volatile Memory
  • Keyboard ID Entry
  • Gross/ Net/ Tare Print Ticket Mode with 6 Digit ID Number Easy to Read LED Display
  • Piece Count Mode Time/ Date Standard
  • NTEP Approved (Legal for Trade)


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