Kilotech LE 3K Label Printing Scales

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Prime USA Scales features our Kilotech LE 3K label printing scale for a variety of business applications. Great for use in Deli’s, Grocery stores, Seafood applications, Supermarkets, Farmers Markets, and many other applications. The LE 3K is user friendly, easy to use, and includes operating software. The Kilotech label printing scale allows up to 6,500 PLU’s and customized labels for businesses. Different from other label printing scales the LE3k features detailed ingredients and nutritional value tables.

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  • Unit Weighing Options: lb / kg
  • Dual Capacity: 30 lb x .01 lb / 60 lb x .02 lb
  • Dual Capacity : 15 kg x 5g / 30 kg x 10g
  • Pricing Options: $/kg , $/100g, $/lb, pcs
  • Easy to read Display: Pole mounted
  • Window displays has 4 LED screens
  • Dot matrix text screen for PLU’s
  • Built in Direct Thermal Printer
  • Display: 4 digit Tare / 5 digit Weight / 6 digit Unit Price / 6 digit Total Price
  • Max Plu’s: 6,500 (maximum 875 characters per PLU)
  • Up to 15 images compatible with a: BMP, JPEG, TFT, etc.
  • Choose from 13 formats including 1 Nutritional Facts Label (1 CDN, 1 USA), 3 size gap labels and store up to 32 modified (customized) label formats. Many more size options available for customized labels
  • Multiple barcode formats
  • Power supply: 21V DC, AC adapter
  • Interfaces: USB (data transfer only), WI-FI, Ethernet and serial port
  • NTEP Approved (legal for trade)

Plug and Weigh Package (+$595):Β 

Receive your scale ready to use out of the box with our plug and weigh system. This option includes initial label formatting, programming, set-up with logo, products upload via excel, management software installation, and network configuration.



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