PS-3010SW Pallet Wrapper with Scale


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Prime USA Scales PS-3010SW motorized wrapping scale offers you high performance, durability, economy, and maximum versatility to meet your packaging needs. Our system comes standard with built-in scale to increase your work efficiency: you can weigh your pallet while it is being wrapped. Our system is backed with a 2 year Warranty on Steel Frame and 2 Year Warranty on electronics. 


Turntable/ Frame Features

  • 58″ Diameter, 3/8″ Laser-Cut Steel Plate
  • 120% Film Stretch Wrap
  • 5,000 lb Load Capacity Scale
  • 4,000 lb Pallet Wrapper Capacity
  • ANSI# 60 Chain Drive w / Adjust-Tensioning
  • Electronic Soft Start/Stop
  • 1-12 RPM Variable Speed
  • 1/2 HP, DC Controlled Drive Motor
  • Low Profile
  • Home Proximity Position Sensor
  • No Maintenance, No need to Lube Drive System
  • Sealed Double Bearing (No Lubrication needed) 12″ Flywheel Drive
  • 12 point Heavy Duty Phenolic Lined Dual Bearing Support System
  • Built-in Forklift Channels
  • Tower with Tilt-Down Hinge for Easy Shipping
  • Manual carriage up/down switch

Carriage Features

  • 20″ Film Capacity
  • 1/3 HP, DC Controlled Drive Motor
  • Clutch Control Film Holder
  • Corner Compensating Dancing Arm with adjustable spring tension
  • Film Stabilizing Roller
  • Phenolic Carriage Guide
  • 1/3 HP DC Motor, with Twin Pre-Stretch Rollers
  • Safety Stop Switch on Carriage

Control Features

  • On/Off with Power Indicator
  • Home Position Button
  • On the Fly, Variable Speed Film Force to Load Adjustment
  • On the Fly Carriage Pause Switch
  • On the Fly Variable Carriage Speed Control
  • Manual Carriage Up/Down Switch
  • Turntable Jog Switch
  • Single or Double Wrap Switch
  • Omron PLC with Communication Port
  • If Film Breaks, there is an Automatic Resume Feature
  • Motor Starter with Overload Reset and Electrical Overload Protection
  • Separate Top and Bottom Wrap Repetition 801 (0-9)
  • Carriage Up and Down Switch (Reinforce)

Machine & Control Specifications

  • Production Speed : 35-45 Load /Hour Based on Load Configuration
  • LoadSize:53″x53″x82″
  • Maximum Scale Load : 5,000 lb
  • Maximum Wrapper load: 4,000 lb
  • Power: 110V, 60Hz, 20 Amps
  • Machine Weight: 2000 lb



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