Medium Duty Truck Scale OP-100 NTEP (160,000 lb)


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Prime USA Scales offers our “Valor” OP-100 series Truck Scale in sizes from 10′ long to 140′ long. This model is designed for light duty to medium duty applications for weighing trucks up to 160,000 lb (80 tons). The “Valor” series features a 5/16″ thick steel deck, concentrated load capacity of 80,000 lb (40 tons), and a low profile height of 14″. Our package includes your digital indicator, receipt ticket printer, outdoor scoreboard display (drivers to see the weight), and rub rails. IN STOCK WITH FREE SHIPPING!

Valor Features:

  • 5/16” tread plate decking for increased durability and strength
  • Supported by orthotropic ribs that are completely sealed by continuous welds
  • Built with an airtight seal that eliminates the potential for rusting from the inside
  • Ribs are shaped to distribute concentrated loads (better than I-beam designs)
  • Interchangeable modular design (Allows you to add more sections)
  • Each scale is built in a fully rotatable clipping to ensure proper fit and finish
  • Rotation of the scale module during assembly guarantees uniform and precise welds
  • Each module has as few as 6 bolts (Competitors using 40 plus on modular designs)
  • Baked powder coated finish all over (Toughest for roughest environment)
  • Baked powder 10 times more effective in resisting wear and corrosion
  • Contains no solvents and is safe in operation
  • Scale is 100% environmental friendly with zero pollution


  • Gross Capacity: 160,000 lb (80 tons)
  • CLC (Concentrated Load Capacity): 80,000 lb (40 tons)
  • Optional Width: 12′, 13′, and 14’
  • Selectable sizes: 10’ to 140’
  • Module Length: 10’ to 18’
  • Deck Height: 14”
  • Deck Plate Thickness: 5/16″
  • Weighbridge End plates: 1/2” x 11” plate
  • Inner Supports: 3/4” thick slab plates (6 per module)
  • Load Cell Type: Double ended, analog, NTEP alloy steel
  • Load Cell Output: Analog – mV output
  • Load Cell Cable: Polymer Coated
  • Junction Box: NEMA 4X stainless steel, cable strain reliefs
  • Summing Card: 4-10 cell boards with lightning protection & sectional adjustment
  • Finish: Baked primer and baked color powder coating
  • Installation Type: Above or in-ground
  • Load Cell Capacity (per cell): 75,000 lb (Small Envelope)
  • Warranty: 5 years Steel Frame
  • Warranty: 5 Years Junction box and load cells
  • Certification:Β NTEP, Class III L, CC# 17-034

Complete Package Includes:Β 

  • Smart Weighing Indicator (150 in/out program)
  • TM-U295 Ticket Receipt Printer
  • Outdoor Scoreboard Display LED
  • Cross Beams, Modules, & End Plates
  • OP-343-75K Small Envelope Load Cells
  • OP343TM SE Tank Mounts
  • OP-416-SS Stainless Steel Junction Box
  • Side Rails (One per side)
  • Hardware (Bolts, bumper bolts, & Pins)
  • Blueprints for Foundation
  • Manual for indicator, printer, & scoreboard



  • Self Serve Kiosk
  • Portable Frame
  • Steel Ramps
  • Bumper Guards
  • Indicator Stands
  • Software
  • Traffic Light (Red / Green)
  • Multi-Axle Weighing Function
  • Portability Kit (Steel Frame & Ramps)


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