Floor Scales

Floor scales is a tough yet portable, it is also known as heavy duty device because it can carry a maximum weight up to 10, 000 pounds. This scales is marketable most in a companies with huge services such as manufacturing, shipping, transportation and more, as they used it in a bulk operation to load and deliver cargoes.

At Prime USA Scales we ensures that floor scales are made of stainless-steel and four load cells with digital FB series indicators used to control, monitor and built-in printer to easily process the data. And available in wide range of sizes and capacities with a software compatibility such as Ethernet, USB, and Wi-Fi.

Prime USA Scales is a certified NTEP in USA, to learn more about our customizable products, visit us online at primeusascales.com or call at (800) 917-7205. We guarantee a free charge services in affordable prices.

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  • Aegis Coil Scales

    Aegis Coil Scales..

    Aegis® Coil Scales outperform & outlast most competitors offerings in the industry. These scales are perfect for weighing steel, aluminum & copper coils, billets, castings & cable spools.

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  • Aegis Floor Scale Package

    Aegis Floor Scale Package..

    Aegis Durable Steel 48”x48”, 5k lbFloor Scale and your choice of an FB1100 ABS or stainless steel enclosure with quick connect and disconnect or FB2250 instrument composite or stainless steel enclosure with quick connect/disconnect. Arrives factory calibrated.

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  • Aegis Heavy Capacity

    Aegis Heavy Capacity..

    Aegis Heavy Capacity floor/platform scales are specifically designed for weighing large loads in nearly any environment. With a capacity of 20,000 pounds, these tough floor scales handle “any  job large medium or small”. Aegis Heavy Capacity scales offer enhanced resolution & diagnostic capabilities of Fairbanks’ exclusive Intalogix® Technology. You can count on these floor/platform scales for years of hard work and reliability.

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  • Aegis Industrial Mild Steel

    Aegis Industrial Mild Ste..

    Low profile floor scales the best in advanced weighing technology. A36 mild steel, Aegis Industrial Mild Steel scales are perfect for almost all weighing applications. The Aegis floor scales are built for accurate & reliable service.

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  • Aegis Industrial Stainless

    Aegis Industrial Stainles..

    Aegis Industrial Stainless Steel scales made in durable structural rib design, extremely accurate Neutral Axis load & low profile platform height of three inches. Made in may different sizes and capacities, a model for virtually any environment or application. Product modifications are available, including, smooth platform, special sizes, lifting handles, capacities and many more.

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  • Aegis Transport Scale

    Aegis Transport Scale..

    Aegis Transport Scales/Plaforms have built-in, ‘dolly’ wheels for portability and space saver needs. Tilt back and move it to the next location in a jiffy. Accessorize your Transport with a Fairbanks battery-powered instrument making for the most portable scale in the market.

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  • Aegis Xtreme Duty

    Aegis Xtreme Duty..

    Aegis Xtreme Duty floor/Platform scales are designed to handle almost any application with highly concentrated loads.By having overload protection built in you can count on these scales for reliability and durability for years to come. These rugged & dependable scales greatly reduce material handling costs.

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  • Blue Line FS

    Blue Line FS

    BlueLine FS Floor Scale operates with the freedom of wireless mobility with the signal strength &low power consumption that Bluetooth®Wireless Technology is known for.Floor scale platforms are available with the ultra-rugged Aegis or the dependable economy of the Reliant platform.Completely wireless instrument features one touch zeroing, as well as scale calibration, all from the instrument.AC adapter also included.

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  • Dash-1 Floor Scale

    Dash-1 Floor Scale..

    Dash-1 floor scales offer major value for process counting or check-weighing. Ranges from 1000lbs to 5000lbs. Sizes range from 2ftx2ft to 4ftx7ft.

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  • DECKMATE Floor Scales

    DECKMATE Floor Scales..

    The “DECKMATE” floor scale offers the perfect portable weighing scale. These can be used as static scales or dynamic use and are equipped with wheels. Featuring extremely low profile scale for easy loading, constructed of stainless steel or painted carbon steel.

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  • Defender 3000 Floor Scales

    Defender 3000 Floor Scale..

    VN Series Floor Scales T31P Indicator, the display: lb or kg, including counting mode, geographical gravity correction for fast changes to local conditions, and bi-directional interface for printing or connection to a PC, NTEP certified.

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  • DSB Platform System

    DSB Platform System..

    The Brecknell DSB platform system in demand quality scale at a market price that is price competitive.

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  • DWP-5000F Series

    DWP-10000F Series..

    Model: DWP-10000F Series

    The DWP10000-F Series Pallet Scale is ideal for portable applications – it easily fits most trucks, making it the perfect option for offsite work. The unit’s capabilities make it an excellent choice for heavy duty work.

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  • DWP-11K Series

    DWP-11K Series

    DWP-11K Series

    Model: DWP-11K Series

    The DWP-11K Series Four high quality alloy load cells ensure the unit is completely accurate within the full range of its weight capacity.

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  • DWP-5000F Series

    DWP-5000F Series..

    Model: DWP-5000F Series

    The DWP-5000F Scale is ideal for portable applications

    The DWP-5000F Series can be switched back and forth to read weights in pounds or kilograms as appropriate.NTEP weight indicator with easy to read LCD display. Indicator includes a DC adaptor as well as a vehicle adaptor, so this pallet jack scale can be used anywhere. – fits most trucks, making it the best option for onsite/offsite work. Four high quality NTEP approved alloy load cells ensure complete accuracy within the full load range of this pallet scale. Three size available 2' X 2', 3' x 3', 4' x 2', 4' x 4', 5' x 5' High weight capacity – 5000 LB load limit.

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  • DWP-5500 RW

    DWP-5500 RW

    Model: DWP-5500RW

    The DWP-5500R Wireless floor/platform scale The transmitter as well as the indicator have outstanding battery life – each is capable of maintaining standby power for 200 hours, and capable of 72 hours of continuous use.Sturdy aluminum housing protects the unit’s transmitter from accidental breakage, which protects your investment.that can increases work efficiency by up to 50%. Wireless operation reduces workplace trip and accident hazards. RF technology makes this revolutionary unit completely capable of operating accurately within a 100 foot radius of the unit’s base.

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