Veterinary Scales

Animals are gifts of nature to us. Some animals are pets, and some are food, but either way, they are part of our lives. Our veterinary measuring scales will help you ensure that they remain at a healthy weight.

Veterinarians are important for our animals as they medically examine them and give them the right medicine when they are sick. However, the first thing they do is to check the weight and height by using a veterinary weighing scale. They then compare these numbers to industry averages to make sure the animals are at a healthy weight.

Prime USA Scales customer service representatives are experts that can help you find affordable veterinary floor scales for your animal-related needs. We provide a variety of branded digital scales for animals that range from Livestock cardinal scales to Paul scales. Of course, we have many others that will offer the best weighing capacities that will fit your needs.

All our veterinary scales will guarantee the most accurate results possible while passing the strongest durability tests. Also, if you give us a call at (866) 645-0940, we will help you get free shipping.

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