Axle Scales

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  • Weighing in Motion WL 110

    Weighing in Motion WL 110..

    Consists of 3 layers held together with strong adhesive bonding. The absence of any moving parts ensures a long life for these scale pads.

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  • Wheel Weighers From Accuweigh

    Wheel Weighers From Accuw..

    Manufactured with high gradealuminium for durability under the most difficult environments and 20kg net weight allows weigh pads to be easily relocated because of the lightweight material. Outfitted with durable, reliable load cell cable of 10 metres length to allow for longer distances between weigh pads when required. Built with non-slip vulcanized rubber surface for extreme traction on all types of surfaces to eliminate slipping of the wheel weighers. Various capacities up to 10,000kg, each wheel weigh pad is fitted with six stainless steel load cells to distribute wheel weights more evenly over the entire weigh pad length. The load cells layout minimizes point loadings that greatly contributes to load cell failure in minimal load cell design weigh pads.

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