Specific Gravity Measurement Kit for ALE


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Intelligent Weighing ALE balance scale can be used to measure the gravity of gemstones and minerals, or other solid matter, including industrial materials. As with most hydrostatic devices, you simply weigh the stone “in air” and then weigh it in water.  A typical scale intended for such purpose has a “weigh below” hook on the underside of the scale from which to suspend a “gem holder” in a container of water.  While this works for a weighing of the stone in water, it is an awkward operation – the scale must be elevated on a stack of books or the like, and the user must work in a confined space underneath it. PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE SCALE. 

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Mineralab developed an above the scale underwater weighing process, along with a Universal Specific Gravity Kit (see video). Just weigh the stone “in air” on the integrated weighing platform of the scale, then without changing any setup, weigh the stone in water by placing it in the underwater weighing pan suspended above the platform. Then plug those two values into the Specific Gravity equation to obtain the specific gravity of your material. It’s that easy and it takes only a few seconds. PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE SCALE. 


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