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When we hear the word cargo, the first thing that comes in our mind is the freight cargo or a shipping company that contains bulky or heavy container. That is right and that is how we describe cargo. We are also curious on how they can carry and deliver these cargo to their designation point. Well, most of shipping company are investing on reliable cargo weighing scales that can handle bulk capacities. This cargo scales have their standard basis, such as durability and flexibility of the scales.

Prime USA Scales are on the top list who produces weighing scales in the USA. They maintained good integrity of their services as they serve with their client’s needs. They offer various products from light to heavy and from compact to bulk weighing scales with great features. To learn more about our products, visit our websites or dial us at (800) 917-7205 we guarantee a satisfied service.

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  • Curbside Baggage Scale

    Curbside Baggage Scale..


    36″ Tall Column with Handles
    Four 3″ Diameter Locking Swivel Casters.Heavy Duty Construction

    230 VAC Operation

    Stainless Steel Platter

  • CW500 Series Floor & Cargo Scales

    CW500™ Series Floor �..


    This scale now makes it possible to weight pallets AND vehicles in one easy to assemble deck. No longer do you need both pallet and truck scales when this scale can do it all! Above or below ground installation, indoor or outdoor use and all the necessary functions for this cost effective alternative to traditional weighing methods make this scale an excellent choice for your material handling application. The low-profile height and optional ramps make this scale easily approachable and it’s rugged design ensures the scale will hold up for the most abusive applications.

  • Intercomp Cargo Scale

    Intercomp Cargo Scale..

    Install above or below ground for traditional method of weighing pallets. Requires GP1000, GP1200 or customer supplied indicator. Ramps are optional.

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  • LD3 Roller Deck

    LD3 Roller Deck..


    Install above or below ground for traditional method of weighing pallets. Requires GP1000, GP1200 or customer supplied indicator. Ramps are optional.

  • Low Profile Baggage Scale

    Low Profile Baggage Scale..


    Scale platform is less than 2 inches tall.Custom sizes are available.Modular design for easy field service.

    Remote Display

    230 VAC Operation

    Remote Switch Box – UNITS and ZERO (on/off)

  • Pancake Air Freight Scale

    Pancake Air Freight Scale..


    Pancake Air Freight Scale LD3 Roller Deck Above is the 3″ high, 10’x10′, 20,000lb capacity Pancake Scale with wrap around ramps.

  • Roller Deck Scale

    Roller Deck Scale..


    The air cargo industry and militaries around the world use these as the quickest and easiest method to weigh multiple pallets prior to shipment. This unit can be assembled in a minimal amount of time and is packed with all the necessary features and functions to get the job done. Ultra rugged design guarantees longevity under the harshest condition.

  • Standard Recessed Mount Baggage Scale

    Standard Recessed Mount B..


    Straight-sided platter for recess mount in bagwell.
    Reliable, heavy duty field proven design. Modular design for easy field service.