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Forklifts scales is designed to lift and move heavy load. This task needs extra precautions when operating on it, that’s why Prime USA Scales brings a system solutions for one-step operation for your business.

Forklift carrier has a significant effects in terms of height and weight when lifting the cargo, that’s why operator or driver should aware when loading the materials. At Prime USA Scales we can help you to estimate the needed loading capacity of the scales.

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    A forklift scale can save time and money by turning weighing into a one-step operation. The scale is built into the forklift truck’s carriage, so you get an accurate weight reading simply by lifting a pallet. It eliminates the need to transport pallets to a platform scale, weigh them, and then remove the pallets afterward. The forklift driver can control all weighing operations from a scale terminal mounted in the cab.

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